Grace Foursquare started out under the previous name Grace Chapel. It began in the fall of 1993. After serving as staff pastors at Grace Chapel in Tucson, Arizona, Chris and Mary Meade, along with their three children, moved to Boise, Idaho to start Grace Chapel. Soon after arriving, Staycee Petso joined the Meade family and together they gathered a small group of about twelve people in the living room of Chris and Mary’s Secretariat Street rental house in Boise.

In 2001, Grace Chapel purchased their own piece of commercial property and with the help of a sister church in the Seattle area, completed a full-blown remodel of a local computer company located on Eldorado Street near Cole and Fairview Avenue in Boise.

In 2006, Grace Chapel acquired the Old Gold’s Gym on Fairview Avenue in what was nothing short of another astounding miracle and act of God’s grace. The congregations of Grace, along with some private donors, were able to raise approximately a half a million dollars in cash and purchase and completely remodel the fitness facility into a contemporary, artistic, and functional worship center in the heart of Boise.

In the fall of 2011 Pastor Todd Syruws the pastor of the Foursquare church in Flint, MI moved to Boise to go through a transitional phase for the baton to be passed from Pastor Chris to Pastor Todd. The year 2012 was year of great transition as Pastor Todd began to establish himself as Grace Chapel’s new leader.

In the coming years, Pastor Todd and the Grace family are looking forward to a renewed passion and vision for Grace. In November 2016, Grace Chapel moved to our new location and the name was changed to Grace Foursquare. Read more about our mission and vision, and the foursquare gospel.