What Is A Podcast?

Podcasts are essentially audio or video files available for download over the Internet, and you can listen or watch them on your iPod, portable mp3 player, or computer. Instead of being broadcast over the airwaves and eventually lost, as happens with traditional radio shows, podcasts can be stored and played at the user’s convenience.


Contrary to popular belief you actually don’t need an iPod for podcasts. (Hear that? You don’t even have to have an iPod!) A podcast is essentially just a subscription to an audio file library. As long as you can play audio on your computer or device you can receive podcasts!

Past Services Blog

All the podcast episodes are found in our “Past Services” blog! This blog also includes downloadable powerpoints and other service information whenever possible!


iTunes Podcast


The first step is to download and install iTunes (if you don’t already have it).

Download iTunes.

There’s other software out there but you can’t beat the price for iTunes (psst! it’s FREE). Once you have iTunes installed, then all you need to do is click on the link below.

Subscribe to the Podcast.

From the profile page you can view the last few available messages and download them individually if you want. But the real magic is in the “subscribe” button. Hit that and iTunes will ask if you’re sure about subscribing — which you are.

Once you’ve successfully subscribed, you will see the Grace Chapel podcast in the Podcast list in iTunes. Now everytime you launch iTunes it will check to see if there’s a new message available, and downoad it if there is!

All Other Devices


Our podcast feed is available without iTunes, too! Just copy/paste the URL below in your newsreader or Podcast software subscribe field:




The Main Event (Resurrection Sunday 2017)

Download (PPTX, 938KB)