My Kingdom Will Not Wait

It began with me seeing Jesus as the Lion, and I kept hearing a roaring. Then I heard,

“I am reviving My church.

The Lion of the tribe of Judah has roared over His people bringing them to life.

The cry has gone out. Who will listen & respond?

I am not to be played with. I am fierce but loving.

I will devour those who stand before Me.

My kingdom will not be stopped.

Arise, O daughter of Zion. Shake off your slumber.

Leave behind your adornment of jewels and come to Me for the pearl of great price.

Leave behind your garments of Babylon & come be clothed in pure white.

I want a spotless bride, ready for her wedding day.

Will you respond church?

Will you hear the One calling out to you?

Do not miss your hour of visitation.

I’m coming in a way you do not expect. Many will miss it in their slumber.

Know the times are urgent, says the Lord.

My kingdom will not wait.”


A prophetic word by Joshua Butler