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Truth in Love

As a result of some recent questions and conversations, I realize that some of our members really want me to share my perspective on the issue of homosexuality in our current culture. Well, here is my best attempt to communicate my heart: First, we must be equipped with an unwavering love for all people, attempting […]

Expect Great Things!

Pastor Todd encouraged us yesterday to begin looking for, and expecting, good things from our Father God.  As part of our new year of Great Expectation, he encouraged the church to participate in prayer and fasting for the next seven days — from today, the 6th, throughnext Sunday, the 12th.   You may choose what you […]

Passion Week 2013

Greetings Grace Chapel Family and friends. During this special week of celebrating our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, most of you know we are focusing on a week of fasting, prayer, daily bible reading, and daily journaling.  We do not want to only give thanks for all that He has done, but we also want the power […]

Welcome to Grace Chapel!

Our desire is to provide an atmosphere for growth and ministry so that you and your family can build a strong foundation. We’re here to serve you and help you find a meaningful place of service to God. If you’re new to Grace or are considering joining us for a service, we hope you’ll find […]