Active Expectation

Last week, I was having some quiet time with God, and I just asked Him to show me His heart.  I saw a vision of sorts in which I was praying with my eyes closed, trying my best to focus on God.  While I was praying, a young man came up to me and began to talk to me.  I opened my eyes and started to speak with him when I realized, “I’m supposed to be praying!”  I immediately halted my conversation, closed my eyes, and again took up my prayer, all the while the young man was still standing in front of me.  His face fell, and he slowly began to walk away looking extremely defeated.  When he walked away from me, another version of myself (I know, kind of weird) upon seeing his face, approached him only to find out that he was actually going through a very difficult time and really needed someone to genuinely love him enough to listen to what he had to say.

I prayed about what this meant, and I have a strong sense that this is referring to the religious/legalistic mindset it is so easy to fall into.  We are often so concerned about doing what a “good Christian” does – reading our Bibles for x minutes every day and praying x times a day – that we aren’t open and listening to what Holy Spirit is speaking to us.  A religious mindset would encourage us to be legalistic about the ways we meet with God and how we allow ourselves to hear Him.  But, in reality, God wants to speak to us and grow us in EVERY situation – whether the situation is especially “church-y” or not.

The heart of Christ has always been to love people and to show them grace.  I want my eyes and ears to always be open to opportunities to show the love of Christ.  What better way to learn than to do?!  In school, we were always told that we learn best when we are teaching others.  Who’s to say that doesn’t apply in the realm of the Spiritual, as well?  What better way to learn the love of God than to show it?  We learn by doing – by taking action.

I believe it is of monumental importance for us to be in the Word and to be allowing Holy Spirit to bring revelation through the Scripture.  But, I want for us to be open in EVERY situation to receive revelation, to learn about the love of God, and to show it in the best way that we can.  Let us live our lives in a state of active expectation – where we are expecting great things from God while stepping out in faith and boldness wherever His Spirit leads us.  This is true worship.

– Rachel Carlson